Klinikka (Pty) Limited (“Klinikka”) was incorporated in 2013 and is the distributor and manager for the Documentation Based Care (“DBC”) musculoskeletal rehabilitation system. Klinikka holds the master licence to supply the DBC technology in Southern Africa, Southern America and Australia.


Over the past 15 years, DBC pioneered a growing global network of advanced specialist centres with a definitive goal: to provide better results, more efficiently, with a greater cost benefit.

The Klinikka business delivers services to Medscheme members (among others) who suffer from chronic spinal conditions. Klinikka monitors the progress of each patient treated at a DBC Centre. This focus on quality and outcomes is the foundation of a sustainable future for Klinikka and DBC.


The DBC treatment is designed as part of an integrated managed care programme to reduce the overall cost of care for spinal conditions with the aim of operating the DBC brand in 19 centres throughout South Africa in the near future.


The DBC Centre network is owned by independent inter-disciplinary medical teams who work together in providing evidence-based care to patients. This is in line with the vision of the National Department of Health for sustainable medical service providers and is a model that aligns to the intentions defined in the recently published NHI White Paper.


Klinikka’s highlights include retaining 100% of health risk management contracts demonstrating acceptance of the DBC value proposition in South Africa. Agreements are now in place with all major health risk management providers. Klinikka also successfully implemented a cloud-based Centre Management Tool which enables Klinikka to monitor each patient’s confidential clinical progress at every DBC Centre in South Africa.

Future plans include the opening of new DBC Centres and a consumer marketing campaign to raise awareness of the DBC treatment among the general public. Klinikka intends to extend training and development of the inter-disciplinary clinical teams who own and operate the DBC Centres to ensure the quality of treatment outcomes is maintained. All health risk management partners benefit from Klinikka’s individual attention, and each programme is tailored to the specific needs of each scheme’s membership. Delivering customer satisfaction will continue to drive the business as it moves forward.